Pct. 4 Judge Jacquelyn Wright

"The Wright Choice"


Tarrant County is growing at a rapid rate.  Since it is impossible to talk with each of you individually, I will use this public information format to introduce myself to you, to share with you my thoughts on various issues, and to hopefully enlighten you about things you may want and need to know.


State of the Court Report

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Tarrant County JP Precinct 4


Welcome! To those of you who are new to Tarrant County JP Precinct 4.  The map shows you the boundaries of JP Precinct 4.  In Tarrant County, there are 8 Justices of the Peace, 8 Constables and 4 County Commissioners.  The Precinct lines for Constable’s and JP’s are the same.  But the Commissioners’ boundaries are about double the size of JP & Constables’.   That makes it very easy to be confused about which precinct is where.

Your JP4 is basically, as you can see from the map, north and west Tarrant County.  It includes the unincorporated areas of the county, and the cities of Pelican Bay, Azle, Lakeside, Lake Worth, Sansom Park, River Oaks, Blue Mound, parts of Haslet and Fort Worth, Westover Hills, Westworth Village, and White Settlement.  Plus we have out here, two big lakes.

That’s important because it is geography which dictates a great deal of our workloads.  For example, JP Pct. 8 is completely enclosed by the City of Fort Worth.  They have no lakes or unincorporated areas.  Therefore JP8 will have no Game Warden tickets filed in their court.  JP6 has a tollway running through it’s boundaries.  Therefore JP6 gets a lot of traffic tickets from the tollway, where as JP8 or JP4 doesn’t.

Your JP4 Court has a very diverse caseload.  Unlike the higher courts, we are a civil court, a criminal class C misdemeanor court, and an administrative court, all in one.  That’s why experience and knowledge are so important.