Campaign time has begun!  There are four candidates, for the office of JP4.  The sole Democratic candidate has withdrawn and one of the original Republican candidates did not have the required number of signatures to qualify for the ballot. 

That leaves me and three others in the race.  One is a peace officer, one a jewelry designer and one the step-daughter of a retired constable.   Social media has become a major player in political races.  Those three are much more adept at using social media than I will ever be.   But I have been told that things are being said on social media. 

So, from an article in the Star-Telegram on December 7th, concerning false information on social media….. I share with you the Wisdom of Miss Manners:

The question was “What is the proper way to inform a participant that their information is false?”. 

Her answer was “If one were to go around correcting and berating everyone who spoke an untruth, one would do little else.”  Further, she says that it should not be excused just because it is done by people who wish to be elected to office.   Her suggestion was to disengage from offensive social media, because doing so provides a much more pleasant existence. 

She is absolutely correct, but social media is a reality in our world.  She says that “if you must engage to do so by responding to the offender with “might be mistaken” accompanied by corrected information”.

Following her advice - to those who are trying to win an election by putting negative comments on social media about me, I offer this: 

The rumor that was circulated via social media, is that a decade ago, I cheated folks out of their money on a real estate deal.  YOU MIGHT BE MISTAKEN.    They alleged fraud, they promised to “destroy me”, and they sued me.  It came to trial, and when the truth was revealed to the judge, the judgment was in my favor.   There is no judgment against me.   So if you are one of those spreading this rumor…YOU MIGHT BE MISTAKEN.

There is a rumor on social media that I refused to sign warrants for the City of Lake Worth because one of their officers is running against me.   YOU MIGHT BE MISTAKEN.   57% of all the warrants signed this calendar year have been signed for the City of Lake Worth.  So is you are one of those spreading this rumor….YOU MIGHT BE MISTAKEN.

It is also said that I was admonished for insulting my opponent for years ago.  YOU MIGHT BE MISTAKEN.  It was true in the beginning, but then about two weeks later, I, as well as other judges across the state, were vindicated by an appeals court tribunal which overturned the admonishments . They ruled that even judges have the right to free speech.  And, by the way, Google says, the words I used have a very different meaning that what she said (look it up).  So if you are one of those spreading the rumor….YOU MIGHT BE MISTAKEN.

The rumor is being spread is that your JP4 Court has a backlog.  YOU MIGHT BE MISTAKEN.  JP4 has a caseload, but no backlog.  Your JP4 Court runs a DWOP (Dismissal Without Prejudice) docket, specifically for the purpose of making sure cases don’t get stagnant.  The rules of court define the timeframes for actions by the court.  So if you are one of those spreading this misinformation…YOU MIGHT BE MISTAKEN.

I follow the advice of Miss Manners and disengage from offensive social media, but in for the purpose of enlightening my bosses (the voters) I share with you the above. 

Your vote is important to all of us.  Vote early, vote often, just be sure to….. “Make the Wright Choice”.…..    This time the number one pick is at the bottom of the ballot.